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Exam-Ready Series: Mechanics Course

A course designed to help you understand important concepts and pass your exams once and for all!

  • Video Tutorials

    For each syllabus topic, you will get a series of videos where the core concepts are well-explained with relevant worked examples to give you a deeper understanding.

  • Exam-Style Questions

    Learn how to answer typical exam questions with confidence. In this course, you will be exposed to worked example videos which demonstrate how to answer exam questions.

  • Worksheets

    Each topic has downloadable worksheets (with solutions) to help you test your understanding along the way. All the questions within the worksheets are from past papers

About the Course

Learn and master all the topics of A Level Mechanics for the A Level Mathematics (9709) syllabus from intuitively designed videos and exercises inside this course. You will get exposure to past exam paper questions as well as to how the solutions must be executed. Other than striving for exam excellence, you will get to nurture satisfaction in learning Math by understanding the everyday applications. This course is also a good foundation to those who would wish to study A Level Futher Mechanics (9231). Enroll now!!

  • Key concepts of each topic explained

  • How to handle common exam questions

  • High-quality questions to ensure sufficient practice

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Forces and Equilibrium
    • Introduction
    • Resultant forces 1
    • Resultant forces 2
    • Components of a Force
    • Worked Example 1 - Resultant Forces
    • Worked Example 2 - Resultant Forces
    • Equilibrium of forces
    • Worked Example 3 - Equilibrium of Forces
    • Worked Example 4 - Equilibrium of Forces
    • Lamis Theorem
    • Worked Example 5 - Lami's Theorem
    • Contact Forces
    • Friction
    • Worked Example 6 - Friction
    • Worked Example 7 - Friction, Threaded Rings
    • Inclined Planes
    • Worked Example 8 - Inclined Planes
  • 2
    Kinematics of motion in a straight line
    • Introduction
    • Travel graphs
    • Travel Graphs - Negative velocity
    • Equations of motion
    • Equations of motion - Worked Examples
    • Vertical Motion
    • Vertical Motion - Worked Examples
    • Vertical Motion - Two Particles
    • Problems Involving Calculus
    • Problems Involving Calculus - Worked Examples
  • 3
    Newton's Laws of Motion
    • Introduction
    • Application of Newton's Laws (Worked Example 1 - Horizontal Planes)
    • Application of Newton's Laws (Worked Example 2 - Inclined Planes)
    • Connected Particles on a plane (Worked Example)
    • Worked Examples 2 - Smooth Fixed Pulleys
    • Worked Examples 3 - Smooth Fixed Pulleys
    • Worked Examples 4 - Horizontal Plane and Fixed Pulley
    • Worked Examples 5 - Inclined Plane and Fixed Pulley
  • 4
    • Introduction
    • Worked Example 1 - Two particles colliding, one initially stationary
    • Worked Example 2 - Particles moving directly towards each other
    • Loss in Kinetic Energy
    • Bodies coalesce on impact
    • Worked Example 3 - Bodies coalesce on impact


  • Walter Chatyoka

    Walter Chatyoka

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    With over a decade of experience teaching High School Maths and Science , I have grown to become a very effective and versatile teacher. I'm very passionate about teaching Maths and I have managed to produce excellent results for my students.

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