Exam-Ready Series: Further Probability & Statistics Course

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About the Course

This is the only course which you need to master A Level Further Probability Statistics and prepare for the for CAIE A Level Further Mathematics (9231) exams. Besides learning the new chapters of the course, you will also gain a better understanding of the concepts you learnt in A Level Probability and Statistics 1 & 2 (9709). There will be worked solutions in this course to ensure that you get sufficient practice and exposure to exam-style questions. Enroll today!

  • Key concepts of each topic explained

  • How to handle common exam questions

  • High-quality questions to ensure sufficient practice

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Piecewise Definition

    3. Expectation of any function

    4. Worked Example 1

    5. The Cumulative Distribution Function

    6. Worked Example 2

    7. Median, Quartiles & Percrentiles

    8. Obtaining the PDF from the CDF

    9. Finding the CDF and PDF of a related variable

    10. Worked Example 3

    11. Worksheet 1

    12. Woorksheet 2

    1. The t-distribution

    2. The mean of a normal population with unknown variance

    3. Confidence Interval for the Population Mean

    4. Confidence Interval for the Population Mean – Worked Examples

    5. Hypothesis Testing (the t-Test)

    6. Hypothesis Testing (the t-Test) – Worked Example

    7. Worksheet 1

    8. Testing the difference between two population means (Worked Example)

    9. Two-sample t-Tests

    10. Inference - Hypothesis difference pop means (worked example)

    11. Calculating Pooled Estimates for the Population Mean

    12. Two-sample t-Tests (worked example)

    13. Confidence Interval for the Difference in Population Means (Large Samples)

    14. Confidence Interval for the Difference in Population Means (Small Samples)

    15. Worksheet 2

    16. Paired sample t-tests

    17. Worksheet 3

    1. Chi-squared - Introduction

    2. Goodness of Fit Tests (Introduction)

    3. Chi-squared - Goodness of Fit (Binomial 1)

    4. Chi-squared - Goodness of Fit (Binomial 2)

    5. Chi-squared - Goodness of Fit (Geometric)

    6. Chi-squared - Goodness of Fit (Poisson)

    7. Worksheet 1

    8. Chi-squared - Independence (Introduction)

    9. Worksheet 2

    1. Introduction

    2. Single Sample Sign Test (Large Samples)

    3. Wilcoxon signed rank test

    4. Wilcoxon signed rank test (Worked example)

    5. Wilcoxon signed rank test (Large Samples)

    6. Paired sample sign test

    7. Wilcoxon matched pairs signed rank test

    8. Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test

    9. Worksheet 1

    10. Worksheet 2

    1. Introduction

    2. Calculating Probabilities

    3. Expectation and variance

    4. Expectation and variance (worked example)

    5. Discrete Uniform Distribution

    6. Binomial Distribution

    7. Poisson Distribution

    8. Geometric Distribution

    9. Sum of indepedent variables

    10. Worksheet 1

    11. Worksheet 2

About this course

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